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Welcome to Lucius

My project Lucius is a psychological horror game that follows the events of a boy named Lucius/Luc/Luke. The plot is very short but heavy driven with concepts and information. So to understand my game to the fullest I invite you to fall in the illusion of my fictional story. In the experience you will think about topics that have to do with our mental psychology as we follow Luke in the time he is applying for college. He feels a common existential dread. Maybe you have felt once in your live as you grew older. This game reflects on the emotions people may repress, such as anxiety, fear, love and hatred. One might not see the impacts our choices make at first sight but especially those done from reacting from our emotions. Hopefully I shine perspective to how our actions have reactionary consequences.


This story will be an emotional roller coaster, definitely wont make you cry, but the idea of love, anxiety, fear, logic and worthiness will arise to hopefully give the audience a lesson about life. The deepest meaning in the game is that people might not feel like they belong somewhere and feel worthless, but I hope to advise them to that that feeling of unknown is normal and scary but to still push ahead. I will try to make the experience as immersive as possible so the game will kind of look a bit realistic even though I plan to have abstract visuals as to show anxiety attacks and symbolic metaphors. Ultimately this is just an interactive narrative, where a story is told as you play it out. The player’s goal is to survive and escape an illusion she is put through by his own dark emotions.

Why Create The Game?

I believe that telling a story in a horror setting makes the idea even more grim. Facing the harsh reality of mental health is something serious and I feel like when its presented this way it is taken seriously. I address selfcare in my game like a plot twist because we are playing in the perspective of one player, later to reveal this hell is happening in his own mind. Yes its horrible but we just assume that this only happened to Luke? What about his mom? Must we not worry about what she is going through as well? My goal is to shine awareness in ones mental with Lucius but also in doing so hopefully make you think on others people’s wellbeing as well. Culturally I believe most people don’t really take their mental health seriously and Im bringing awareness that when you don’t feel okay its normal, and scary, but normal. Contemporarily people are joking about their emotions which is okay to joke about but also get help if needed. It is frequent that we get caught up in our own mind and problems that we forget to think about those around us. During covid many people put more time forth to giving their family and friends more attention. But now after the fact, sometimes we stop checking in on people because we keep assuming it’s all the same. We don’t know when someone is having a bad time, or just had a traumatizing experience so be conscious of what you say to others.

Lucius Game Trailer

In Game Images


I also believe showing the main characters emotions in a horror environment to be new because its not the usual horror experience. Usually, horror games are played to the extent the player wants to go. Meaning they make up what is scary, they feel the anxiety and they take a break from the game with a pause, or not, because they control what they do. This game will show you what is the perspective of the character if it were an actual person going through such experience. This is how my game can be a new way of storytelling; following a simulation-based experience with the player being in the front seat. The story is linear, but I want to at least give off a sense of what Lucy’s mentality is at. Even though this is a video game I mostly see this as a new way to tell a story. Nowadays story telling can be done in many ways through comics, movies, or by scrolling on the phone. I like the way story telling is told through a video game as there are many factors that can shape how the story is received by the audience.

Full Gameplay Playthrough 

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